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Smart News Magazine

A personal news magazine with BIG PHOTO's, simple interface, and a super smart back end that learns from you.

With a simple side swipe, news will come to you!

What makes it awesome

Easy To Use

Interface is simple enough for todlers to use.

Smart and Learns

Smart back end that learns from your reading habits.

Cloud Based

No need to worry where are the news comes from, we do all the hard work

Push News

Don't want to miss breaking news? We will push to you.

How it works

Gather and Filter

Our servers gather and filter the best news within the last 24 hours


As you read, we will learn 'silently' on what you may like.

Best News For You

Based on what we learned, your news will be customized

Push News

While you are busy, we will analyze our streams and push you any breaking news.

Some screenshots

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Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Frequently asked questions

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About our team

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